24E007 – Propane Leak from Fill Gauge – INGUSA/LP ASME Remote fill ASME LP Tanks

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February 5, 2024 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 24E007000

Propane Leak from Fill Gauge

A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source increases the risk of a fire.


NHTSA Campaign Number: 24E007

Manufacturer Worldwide Distribution, LLLP

Components EQUIPMENT

Potential Number of Units Affected 665



Worldwide Distribution, LLLP (Worldwide) is recalling certain INGUSA/LP ASME Remote fill ASME LP tanks. Please see the recall report for all the affected serial numbers. The liquid level remote fill gauge on the propane tank may leak when in the “Open” position.



Dealers will inspect and replace the valve as necessary, free of charge. Owner notification letters are expected to be mailed February 15, 2024. Owners may contact Worldwide customer service at 1-904-268-4921.



Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to www.nhtsa.gov.


Remedy Instructions

Date: February 2024

Product Group: ASME LP Tanks

Model: 10.75×31” 10.3 gallon remote fill ASME LP Tank

Model:  8×31” 5.9 gallon remote fill ASME LP Tanks

Manufacturer Name: Industría Gutierrez, S.A. de CV (INGUSA)

Valve Manufacturer Name: Grand Gas Co, Taiwan Manufacture Year: 2023 Serial Number Range:

10.75×31” U-199923 – U-200122

8×31” U-188979 to U-189178; U-189179 to U-189378; U-189379 to U-189618 U-189923 to U-190231; U-190232 to U-190331; U-190332 to U-190562


Subject: Liquid level remote fill gauge has potential to leak in the OPEN position.

This bulletin provides information on diagnosing and/or repairing the potential of the liquid level gauge during initial air test of the LP Tank.



After purging according to NPGA #133-89(a) and during the filling process, the liquid level gauge will be in the open position. Initially, the compressed air in the tank will exit through the intended outlet, followed by excess LP vapor. When the tank is full, the liquid level gauge in normal installations in closed. There are no observed instances in the closed position.

In some instances, LP vapor has been witnessed around the stem of the liquid level gauge when in the open position.


Identification: Subject liquid level gauges will have part number 11045B stamped on the side, with a discharge hole in the hand wheel manufactured by Grand Gas.


Replacements: Grand Gas Model 11045B with no hole in the hand wheel, or Cavagna Model 66-1377 with hand wheel in shape of a triangle shown below – Gauges are available for replacement.



Fuel vapors are flammable. Death or serious injury can result if they are ignited. Make sure there are no open flames or smoking in the area of the repair. Adequate ventilation is necessary to prevent a build-up of fumes which could ignite, causing fire or explosion.


  1. Using information on the tank’s data plate, confirm the capacity, dimensions, manufacturer, and serial number range.
  2. Check the part number on the installed liquid level gauge – insure it is marked as 11045B and an outlet hole on the hand wheel.
  3. Prior to first fill, qualifying tanks should be pressurized with a minimum of 100 PSI of air prior to filling to perform leak test in indicated area around the valve stem.
  4. Open the liquid level gauge to the open position and spray the liquid level with soapy water. Insure no leaks.



  1. If diagnoses reveals leakage in the open position, empty air from tank.
  2. Remove old liquid level gauge
  3. Replacement gauges should be doped with PTFE tape prior to installation.
  4. Apply SAE cap to close side outlet, or, reattach the SAE fitting connected to outlet hose but insure external liquid level gauge is closed.
  5. Fill to at least 100 psi of compressed air.
  6. Open the tanks liquid level gauge.
  7. Perform leak check to insure repair is complete.
  8. Ensure to properly purge all compressed air from the LPG Tank.
  9. Fill with LP and perform additional leak test as required before putting into service.


Worldwide Distribution, LLLP
9905 Old St. Augustine Rd, Suite 105 Jacksonville FL, 32257
Tel: 01-904-268-4921 Fax: 01-904-880-5958


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(Description of Principal Events Leading Up to the Recall Decision)

Description of Chronology:**

In June 2023, Worldwide Distribution was advised by one of its distributors that a vehicle manufacturer had observed the presence of air bubbles in the purge valves of certain 8” LP tanks when the tanks were being tested prior to installation. Worldwide Distribution provided the manufacturer with replacement valves and requested that the vehicle manufacturer return the original valves for further review and analysis. The originally installed valves were received in August 2023 and further analysis did not reveal any issue with the parts. Further, as part of the tank assembly process, all LP tanks undergo a batch inspection process by ASME for the presence of leaks. The inspection did not reveal any concerns for these particular products. In the interim, LP tanks produced with valves from the same sub-supplier were quarantined by the LP tank assembler and a new design for the valve was introduced at the manufacturing facility until the issue could be better understood. Worldwide Distribution was also advised, through its distributor, that another vehicle manufacturer using the same part was not experiencing the same or similar type of issues with the performance of these valves. At the time, it was believed that the presence of the air bubbles was related to the vehicle manufacturer’s process for testing for leaks prior to installation.

In late October 2023, Worldwide Distribution received information that another vehicle manufacturer had observed the presence of air bubbles in the purge valves of some units. Worldwide Distribution was informed that all of the suspect units had been quarantined and replacement parts were provided.

In December 2023, Worldwide Distribution was advised that a dealer for a vehicle manufacturer had reported several instances of leaking valves in certain LP tanks. In December and January 2024, Worldwide Distribution issued a communication that included instructions on how to properly test the LP tanks prior to first fill.

Upon further evaluating the issue, on January 29, 2024, Worldwide Distribution determined that a safety related defect exists in the above referenced LP tanks. Worldwide Distribution is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to this condition.


1 Affected Product




5 Associated Documents

Miscellaneous Document – Chronology

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Defect Notice 573 Report

RCLRPT-24E007-2103.PDF 213.945KB


Recall Acknowledgement

RCAK-24E007-7176.pdf 646.63KB


Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-24E007-9678.pdf 122.637KB

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Recall 573 Report – 2/19/2024

RCLRPT-24E007-4681.PDF 214.144KB


Latest Recalls Documents

For the Latest and Most recent Recall Information Visit the link below…




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