Cable Strain Relief Guidelines for Meritor WABCO Trailer ABS/RSS

Meritor WABCO

NHTSA ID Number: 10203567 Manufacturer Communication Number: MERITOR TP 15140   Summary System saver1200 plus series air dryer   Service and Product Information If you have any questions about the material covered in this technical bulletin, contact the Meritor OnTrac™ Customer Call Center at 866-OnTrac1 (668-7221), or visit our website:   Introduction This technical bulletin provides … Read more

OnGuard™ System Parameter Update to Increase the Following Distance Alert at Highway Speeds – Meritor WABCO

Meritor WABCO

NHTSA ID Number: 10203566 Manufacturer Communication Number: MERITOR TP 1577   Summary OnGuard system parameter update to increase the following distance alert at highway speeds   Hazard Alert Messages Read and observe all Warning and Caution hazard alert messages in this publication. They provide information that can help prevent serious personal injury, damage to components, or both. … Read more

Converting Unitized Wheel Ends to Conventional Hub Bearings and Wheel Ends on Meritor Coach Front and Tag Axles – MERITOR


NHTSA ID Number: 10203565 Manufacturer Communication Number: MERITOR TP 15123   Summary Converting unitized wheel ends to conventional hub bearings and wheel ends on Meritor coach front and tag axles   Converting Unitized Wheel Ends to Conventional Hub Bearings and Wheel Ends on Meritor Coach Front and Tag Axles FH941KX, FH946KX, MCI4002 and MCI6003 Axles   Hazard … Read more

System Saver 1200 Plus Series Air Dryers – MERITOR

Meritor WABCO

NHTSA ID Number: 10203564 Manufacturer Communication Number: MERITOR TP 1033   Summary System saver 1200 plus series AIR DRYER         For more information, see Maintenance Manual 34 or dial our toll-free number: 866-OnTrac1 (668-7221). TP 1033 Revised 03-16 16579 COMPRESSOR INTAKE LINE SIGNAL LINE COMPRESSOR COMPRESSOR DISCHARGE LINE CHECK VALVE SYSTEM RESERVOIR SYSTEM RESERVOIR … Read more

CNG High-pressure Fuel Hose Inspection and Replacement Guidelines – Hexagon Agility

Hexagon Agility

NHTSA ID Number: 10203561 Manufacturer Communication Number: FSB.0014   Summary Agility Fuel Solutions LLC, a subsidiary of Hexagon Agility Inc. (Hexagon Agility®), has released new inspection criteria, intervals, and reiterated replacement schedules for high-pressure, flexible CNG fuel hoses.     Introduction High-pressure, flexible CNG fuel hoses can become compromised if exposed to corrosive chemicals such as road … Read more