About Me

Ever since I was a kid, I was interested in fixing cars. I watched my uncles and other people fix automobiles and I always tried to help and learn as much as I could.

I went to a Trade School and learned how all the different systems work and how to diagnose them. After I finished Trade School I got a job in the automotive field, and worked there for about 2 years. After that job I went to work for Pepsi for a year, and then I got a gob at an Aerospace Company Test Lab.

Working at the Test Lab, I found my self wanting to work on cars. There was always an issue or a problem that someone couldn’t solve, and I found my self trying to help out. Eventually I would figure it out.

I started buying scan tools and other equipment and working on cars before or after work. Couple years later I got laid off from work, and decided to start my own business. Fast forward to now, people bring me cars with those problems that don’t make sense, or no one seams to figure them out. After some time all of them get sorted out, and the customers are happy.

I specialize in Diagnostics and Electronics in American and Asian cars, and some European. From Advanced Diagnostics to Reprogramming Computer to Reprogramming Keys. Resetting SRS or AirBag modules and Odometer correction.