Diagnostic Tips

May 22, 2023

2012 Ford Taurus

SRS Air Bag

B0090 – Left Frontal Airbag Sensor

Broken wire in Left Front Quarter

Both wires for the sensor should have a ground when testing with Power Probe.


May 18, 2023

2008 Ford Mustang

SRS Air Bag

B2296 – Restraint System – Impact Sensor Fault (Front Impact Severity Sensor Circuit Failure)

Chaffed wire about 6″ from the connector at the rear right corner of the SRS module.


May 17, 2023

2009 BMW 328

Crank No Start

No Comm with DME or TCM

DME Relay Red Wire 12V or Battery Voltage, Orange wires about 7 volts.

3 – 30 Amp fuses in Passenger Fuse Box at about 7 volts. Couple other fuses at about 7 volts.

Bad Ground was found at Right Rear Engine Compartment. Next to Positive Jump Start Terminal.


May 8, 2023

2016 Volkswagen Tiguan

Rear Wipers INOP, Rear Camera INOP

Wipers Work with Active Test.

One of Rear Gate Latch Switches was found bad.



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