TPMS Module Relocation – 2022-2023 Coachmen Cross Trail, Leprechaun & Prism

NHTSA ID Number: 10227800

Manufacturer Communication Number: 2101586


The Ford TPMS warning light will show on the dash instrument cluster indicating a missing tire pressure on one or multiple rear wheels. Due to the location of the Ford module, wireless signals from the wheel sensors to the TPMS receiver module may be blocked or weakened.


December 9, 2022

TPMS module relocation

The Ford TPMS warning light will show on the dash instrument cluster indicating a missing tire pressure on one or multiple rear wheels. Due to the location of the Ford module, wireless signals from the wheel sensors to the TPMS receiver module may be blocked or weakened.


Resolution: Relocate TPMS Receiver module from dash location to under the driver’s seat.


Tools Needed:


Parts Needed:

  • F100360188 TPMS Receiver Relocation Kit
  • Black electrical tape or plastic wire ties



  • Remove cover under the steering column. (Fig. 1)


  • Remove the 2 fasteners on the foam mounting block (Fig. 2) behind the cover using a 7mm socket with ratchet, an extension will be needed for right screw fastener removal.


  • This will expose the metal bracket (Fig. 3) to which the TPMS module is secured (white plastic clips). Gently squeeze the tab highlighted in the picture to release the module and slide out of its position.


  • Remove the mating connector from the TPMS module by depressing the clip on the harness connector and carefully sliding the connector from the module.


  • Carefully remove the covers at the Parking Brake and Step Well (Figures 4 and 5).


  • Locate the rear mounting bolt under the driver’s seat (Fig. 6), it will have a plastic wire retainer cover over the end. Remove the harness retainer off the bolt. Secure the metal bracket (Fig. 7) in the kit to the bolt using the nut in the kit and a ratchet with a 10mm deep well socket. The nut should be torqued to 12‐12 Nm or 8.8 ft‐lbs. Reinstall the wire retainer over the bolt end.


  • Once the bracket is secured tightly, install the TPMS module onto the bracket as shown (Fig. 8).


  • Connect the relocation kit module to the Ford harness connector under the steering column. Secure the module to the metal bracket using the wire ties included in the kit assembly.


  • Route the harness over to the door opening, following the existing wiring to the stepwell. Route the harness under the black mat, using the same route as existing harness running in same area. Bring harness connector through opening and over to the TPMS module; carefully plug in place.


  • Secure harness to existing wiring with black electrical tape or wire ties to help keep in place. Reinstall the foam block, steering wheel cover, emergency brake lever cover and the step well cover.


  • Test drive the motorhome to allow the module to synchronize with the tire sensors and ensure communication has been established.


  • Process should take 30‐45 minutes to complete. On a Dealer Connect warranty claim, use code 10‐3‐03‐9‐004274, Tire Pressure Monitor System Module Relocation Kit – Ford.


  • Please contact Coachmen Class C Service at 574‐825‐8602 for any questions or technical assistance.


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  • 【EASY TO USE】This EL-50448 OEC-T5 is simple, fast and easy to use, can help you reprogram all tire pressure easily within only 3 steps. Activates the individual TPMS sensors within 1-2 Mins by pressing one button.
  • 【HOW TO Use】Make sure your car is in the TPMS Learning Mode , Hold the tool against the sidewall of the tire, near the valve stem. Depress learn button while holding the tool against the tire sidewall until horn bleeps once.
  • 【ESSENTIAL TRIANING TOOL】EL-50448 OEC-T5 is a essential tool of replacement tire pressure sensor, tire pressure alarm remove or exchange tires. Perfect to monitor tire pressure, training sensors of your cars so the TPMS warning light will not illuminate.
  • 【WARM TIPS】1. Please check the available vehicles in the last two pictures, and this tool is not for TRUCK; 2. When using EL-50448, please make sure antenna in correct position; 3. Battery is not included in the package, please remove the 9V battery when not in use. 4. Install/Reinstall the battery according to the "+" and "-" symbols marked on the product.

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